Erasco Heisse Tasse Schweizer Käse Suppe -Box-

Instant hot cup snack with swiss cheese soup with crispy croutons. Makes three cups. Dry product.
Weight: 450 ml
Size : circa 5 in * 3.75 in * 1.25 in
Expiry Period :circa 14 months
Ingredients : Glucose syrup, 13% croutons (wheat flour, vegetable fat hardened, salt, yeast), vegetable fat, starch, 7% cheese, iodine salt, whey extracts, taste amplifier mono sodium glutamate, guanylat and inosinat, 1% onion powder, yeast extracts, flavour (contains celeriac), thickener xanthan and gummi arabicum, milk protein, coloring riboflavin and beta carotin.

Product Description

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